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2010 – 2011 Officials of the Year in Karate Award

Sensei Tanaka received this award from United States Olympic Committee/ USA Karate at the National Championship in Arlington, Texas on July 17, 2011.


Sensei Tanaka is the the first recipient for the award and has the world highest licenses in karate.



Sensei Tanaka did it again. Vassar Bradford, 4 consecutive times with Gold Medal at the National Championship read more here




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Sensei Tanaka and his students in action...

Since 1969, Sensei Tanaka and Tanaka’s Martial Arts Academy have been committed to educating and teaching students the real purpose of studying Karate and the Martial Arts. Sensei Tanaka is the highest ranking black belt in Alaska and has over 44 years of teaching experience. He is committed toward teaching his students the value of Manners, Respect, and Self-Discipline, important qualities toward improving their character, and helping them to reach any goals they might set in life.

Tanaka’s Martial Arts Academy offers a Little Dragons class (Karate for children in preschool age; between 3 and 5 years old), Kobudo (martial arts weapons class); as well as Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced Karate classes; for all ages and skill levels.

Our schedule is flexible and we offer classes six days a week for men, women, children, and families; with professional, friendly, and expert instruction. Private lessons are also available. Visitors are very welcome to watch classes.

Tanaka’s Martial Arts Academy is the the USA Headquarters of Nihon Karate Do Kenwa Kai and is an affiliate of the USA National Karate-Do Federation (USANKF), which is a member of the United States Olympic Committee. Sensei Tanaka is a former member of the referee councils of the World Karate Federation, the Pan-American Karate Federation. Sensei Tanaka is currently a member of the referee council of the USA National Karate-Do Federation.

He has the world highest Karate Licenses; Kumite Referee A (since 1998) and Kata Judge A (since 1997).

All instructors at Tanaka's Martial Arts Academy are highly experienced, motivated, and dedicated to helping students improve themselves physically and mentally.

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