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We divide our classes in three main categories:

  • Kihon (Basic technical skills)
  • Techniques are taught one by one. The student repeats the movements many times, learning to do them accurately and precisely. Thus, the trainees improve the power and speed of their punching, kicking and striking techniques, as well as work on correcting their breathing, foot movement, and general stances. Movements are symmetrical on both the left and right sides, leading to balanced physical and technical development. As students' technical skills improve and become more balanced, they naturally become more balanced mentally.

  • Kata (formal training exercises performed by oneself)

  • These movements are the product of our forebears' experience and severe training, organized into a physical form that can be easily studied.

    In contrast to sparring with an actual opponent, in Kata one must imagine the enemies with whom one fights. That is to say that one battles oneself. Thus, a kata must be performed from beginning to end with a unified spirit, so that the execution of the form is done under complete control of one's mind.

    Just as an individual's character can be understood by seeing a specimen of his writing, it is said that by observing someone's kata one can understand everything about him. Kata training begins as a study of technique, but in the end it is important that it becomes a study of the "Way."

  • Kumite (sparring with another person)
  • in contrast to the solo practice of kata, Sparring is training with an actual opponent, where one can practice the applications of what was learned in kihon. The goals of sparring training are to learn to apply the fundamental stances, hip motions, and techniques against attacks and defenses of an opponent. Learning to turn static training techniques into real techniques is the primary purpose.