Belt Testing and Promotion

When you start with Nihon Karate Do Kenwa Kai, you wear a solid white belt on your Karate Gi. This is the beginning.... how far you can go is a matter of your self-determination, courage and perseverance.

The different ranks or belts are merely symbols of the level of proficiency and knowledge and of your dedication to this martial art. Each rank is deserving of its own respect, which grows as you begin to realize the time, pain, love, and tears it takes to follow the path of Karate.

Earning the different belts ranks demonstrates the attitude of working hard toward your goals rather than merely showing your ability to memorize and perform the katas and various techniques needed to pass the physical portion of the test.

Click in each link below for the individual requirements per rank

Jukkyu (Yellow Belt)

Kyukyu (Orange Belt)

Hachikyu (Blue Belt)

Nanakyu (Blue Belt with Purple Stripe)

Rokkyu (Purple Belt)

Gokyu (Purple Belt with Green Stripe)

Yonkyu (Green Belt)

Sankyu (Green Belt with Brown Stripe)

Nikyu (Brown Belt)

Ikkyu ( Brown Belt with Black Stripe)

Black Belts

In addition to the physical, you will also be judged on the concepts of respect, loyalty, commitment, attitude, leadership, self-discipline, self-control, and etiquette. However, since you are also judged on these same qualities during class, as well as everyday life, you must realize that the real "test" is a continuous effort to improve yourself and does not stop upon completion of the belt test.

The higher you progress in the belt degrees, the more you discover that there is much more involved in conquering the weaknesses within yourself.

Through advancing in the various belt steps, you try to achieve the highest level of physical and mental proficiency to reach your ultimate goal: To Be The Best Person You Can Become.