Little Dragons

Karate Program for Pre-school age kids
( 3 -5 years)

The Little Dragons Program at Tanaka’s Martial Arts Academy is designed for children 3 -5 years old, and incorporates appropriate training for their age and abilities, in order to develop in them good character.

This program will teach your kids much more than martial arts. Because, a structure of Good Manners, Respect and Self Discipline is built into our program, kids will develop the ability to listen, learn and focus, which is proven to be an excellent reinforcement technique for school and life.

The Little Dragons Program at Tanaka’s Martial Arts Academy will teach your kids:

  • Focus and Memory
  • Control over Mind and Body
  • Balance and Coordination
  • Discipline
  • Fitness

  • These are lifelong skills that your kids will be able to apply to any situation in their lives.

    Little Dragons Parents - Testimonials

    Tanaka's kids Karate class in Anchorage, AK

    I enrolled my 3 year old son in The Little Dragons Program at Tanaka’s Martial Arts Academy, seeking for something that supported the values that we as a family nurture in our kids: good manners, respect and discipline.

    We love the way Sensei Tanaka teaches this art; to the point that 3 months later my husband and I also decided to join Tanaka’s Martial Arts Academy; and we are so excited for the day where we all (including our 18 months old daughter who loves to watch us practice) can do Karate together, because Karate is a great family activity, that not only exercise your body but your brain as well.

    Carmen Shearer

    The Little Dragons Program at Tanaka’s Martial Arts Academy teaches the kids not only martial arts, but helps them become better people. It keeps them physically active while teaching them good values, respect and discipline.

    I enroll my 5 years old in the program so he can get early experience for the coordination and discipline that is inherent in Karate and not in other sports. I think that self-defense is important, but so more the discipline that goes along with Karate.

    Sanna Doucette

    Mr. Tanaka is an excellent teacher. He somehow manages to harness the energy of the smallest child. His classes are a great blend of kindness, focus and discipline. I am very happy with my 3-½ year old progress in just 3 months.

    I like how The Little Dragons class at Tanaka’s Martial Arts Academy teaches my son how to follow directions, politeness and a second language too (Japanese).

    Dione Knowles


    My son is 4 years old and he is been doing Karate for a year. I like that Karate teaches fundamentals of manners, respect and self-discipline. At the same time, the kids learn that they should listen and following instructions is rewarding.

    I will recommend Tanaka’s Martial Arts Academy, because Sensei Tanaka is very patient and he is a wonderful teacher. He knows the teaching methods to best use for any age group.

    Angela Zigarlick